Sweatshirts for Spring Nights

This past weekend, I fired up the grill with two friends. Although the job fell primary on the most experienced griller, I wasn’t without my fair share of tasks. Aside from coming to the rescue when a small fire broke out on a piece of aluminum fold covered in olive oil, I was preoccupied with trying to keep myself warm. I borrowed my friend’s throw, which proved to be very effective. Although I was wearing a waxed jacket, I thought that a sweatshirt might be a warmer option for forthcoming nights around the grill. Thus, I’m in the market for a new sweatshirt. Judging by the selection I’ve pulled for your viewing, I’ll probably end up with a grey one.

Aerie polo sweatshirt // J.Crew crewneck pullover // Aritzia polo sweatshirt

Citizen’s of Humanity polo collar sweatshirt // Vince mélange sweatshirt // Helmut Lang cotton-fleece sweatshirt

5 Types of Footwear for Spring

The idea for this post came to me after I witnessed several young women wearing sandals outside. It’s not warm enough for sandals in PHL. I shouldn’t see anyone’s toes, no matter how pedicured they are. Ladies, I know you’re eager to get into a summer vacation state of mind—I can relate—but if it’s too cold for sandals, it’s too cold for sandals.

If you’re really in dire straights, consider the espadrille—the kind that covers the parts of your foot that sandals tend to reveal. The boat shoe is also an appropriate option—boat encouraged but not necessary. In the realm of sneakers, there are canvas and non-canvas options to consider. Don’t forget the loafer; it’s polished and extremely versatile. Beach days, cookouts, and hours poolside are coming.

Works Sighted

G.H. Bass & Co. bow weejuns // Sebago loafers // G.H. Bass & Co. Whitney weejuns

Sebago boat shoe (navy) // Sebago boat shoe (beige) // Superga 2750 Cotu classic (white/gold)

adidas Stan Smith // J.Crew Factory espadrilles // J.Crew espadrilles

Window Shopping at Tiffany’s

I wrote this post in preparation for my next visit to Tiffany’s, which is severely overdue. The Philadelphia store recently moved from The Bellevue (200 S Broad St.) to 1715 Walnut St. The large windows of the new location look inviting, and from what I can tell from the pavement, fill the store with lots of natural light. I suspect the environment is highly conducive to the sport of window shopping. The excursion will also serve as an opportunity to pay homage to the jewelry designer, Elsa Peretti, who died last month. I adore the Diamonds by the Yard collection she designed for Tiffany & Co. and might even be tempted to try on a few pieces. Maybe I’ll also wear a black dress and treat myself to something from Miel to honor Audrey.

Works Sighted

glasses // stud earrings // necklace // vase

vide poche // dish // cocktail picks

bracelet // book // bookmark

Skirts Over Dresses

I wore a creme-colored skirt over a navy dress one day last week. I’ve worn dresses over skirts in the past for the sake of creating new outfits, but my move last week was motivated by one factor: the weather. Spring is one of my favorite seasons even though the gradual increase in temperature throughout the day presents an outfit challenge in the morning. How does one simultaneously dress for the cool temperature that starts the day and the warmth of the afternoon? A below-the-knee skirt over a dress will solve the problem. When I left the house in the pictured outfit, I also wore a striped fisherman sweater, which provided additional warmth. The layers started to come off by midday, and I came close to removing the skirt several times. Ultimately, it proved to be too much work, so I kept in on. When summer arrives, I’ll definitely be wearing the polo dress sans skirt and probably with Supergas. Think country club.

Work Sighted

Nautica polo dress // Hobbs skirt (old) // Margaux Demi flats


I just watched Audrey (2020) on Netflix. The documentary includes commentary from Audrey Hepburn’s family and former neighbors, people who knew her well. I found the reconstruction of her life story to be real and not in the least bit sensationalized.

Audrey embodied many admirable qualities besides her acting ability and elegant style on and off screen. She knew how to live well and did so until the very end of her life. The actress loved spending time on the peaceful grounds of her house in Switzerland. The quiet life suited her, and she was most content surrounded by her loved ones.

The resilient Audrey experienced her fair share of heartbreak. She survived starvation during WWII. At a young age, she had to cope with her father walking out on the family. Weathering two divorces didn’t stop her from finding love in her partner Robert Wolders.

Audrey’s life experiences made her more determined to show love and kindness to others. Through her role as a UNICEF ambassador, she persuaded many people around the world to aid children in need. Her spirit lives on in her films, philanthropic legacy, and the outfits she wears in photographs. What a life well lived!

Works Sighted

button-up // skirt // belt // sandals

Breton top // J.Crew Martie pants // ballet flats

sweater tank // gingham pants // ballet flats

polo // chinos // Superga sneakers

silk scarf

top // pants // socks // weejuns

dress // pumps

sunglasses // pearl studs

Shopping Small

Etsy has been my favorite platform for discovering independent artisans for many years, but lately I’ve been browsing the site more than usual. Supporting small businesses has become even more of a priority for me since the start of quarantine. I recently purchased a pair of 14K gold stud earrings from Teeny Tiny NY; they’re officially my everyday studs.

What makes shopping small so special? When you support a small business, you’re making it possible for the owner to earn a living. But, the benefits of shopping small extend beyond a pat on the back for a philanthropic job well done. When you buy a product from a small business, it will most likely be unique. It may even be handmade by the owner. If the business chooses to source their products instead of making them, the selection will still be curated in a unique way. There are so many independent sellers out there to discover, so keep your eyes open, and don’t be afraid to expand your horizons. You’re bound to discover something exceptional.

Works Sighted

Teeny Tiny NY 14K gold stud earrings // J.Crew slim perfect shirt in Baird McNutt Irish linen (previous season) // Warby Parker Durand