Month: November 2020

A fabulous day in Paris with a Parisian: An Airbnb Online Experience

The Louvre pyramid (by I. M. Pei) at night.

I often imagine myself back in Paris. I don’t mean the lockdown version. I mean the Paris where one can flâner without attestation papers. Strolling the Covid-free, virtual city with our guide Herbert was a real treat. My tour group visited le musée du Louvre, le Palais-Royal, les Jardins du Trocadéro, and le Moulin Rouge to name a few sights. Herbert is not a typical guide. He and his colleagues teach their guests about French culture and challenge them to think deeply about the value of their social interactions. Since I’ve learned French from a French person, I’m versed in this topic. In fact, I find it refreshing to acknowledge someone with a “bonjour” or “bonsoir” at the beginning of every conversation. I often greet my English-speaking friends with these very words. They’ve come to accept my French soul.

One thing I learned from Herbert: how to plan the perfect Parisian picnic. You’ll recall that dining outside was one of my summer goals. Well, Herbert gave me a bit of insider knowledge to mull over. I’ll be an expert at hosting meals outside by spring 2021. I enjoyed A fabulous day in Paris with a Parisian so much that I’d like to repeat it. I’ll have to come up with an excuse to book a private group—perhaps a birthday. I’ve even suggested it to my work colleagues as a team building exercise. But, let me not get ahead of myself; I’m making crêpes next.

Works Sighted: A rainy night at the Louvre (December 2013).

J.Crew Martie Pant in Bi-Stretch Cotton

J.Crew Martie Pant, Loft blazer, Superga 2750.

The J.Crew Martie pant came into my life in March 2018. I acquired eight of them that year for fear that the design would be discontinued. (I’d suffered through the discontinuation of the J.Crew Minnie pant and wasn’t looking forward to repeating the experience.) Aside from the two linen trousers that I bought this past March, these are the only pants in my wardrobe. About two months ago, I realized that all of my Marties had expired except for one. I embarked on a quest to replace my beloved little black pant. (For the record, I also wear it in navy.) In an attempt to broaden my horizons, I tried on other pants from brands that weren’t J.Crew. Long story short, I’m now the proud owner of six new pairs of my favorite style.

I found the current version of the pant to be slightly longer than the version I’d purchased back in 2018. Cuffing the hems of the legs under once seems to do the trick…even though the little vents at the bottom disappear. I liked that I could wear the older version (pictured) with or without a cuff. The Martie pant is very comfortable on account of its stretchy composition (cotton/viscose/elastane), but it also retains its shape. I’ve worn them to work, on transatlantic flights, and for every occasion in between. They pair well with blazers, sweaters, button-ups, tee shirts, sneakers, and flats. This is the definition of a wardrobe workhorse.

Works Sighted

J.Crew Martie pant in bi-stretch cotton; J.Crew striped boatneck T-shirt; Loft blazer (old); Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Navy

Black Tights

Black and white winter outfit.

To say that I often wear black tights during the colder months would be an understatement. I wear them almost every day (when I’m not wearing my J.Crew Martie pant—more on that later). I used to wear tights in different colors when I was younger, but then I became partial to navy and black. I still wear my navy tights occasionally, but the black ones definitely get more use. To the girls who go out in winter with bare legs, écoute bien. Being cold isn’t becoming.

Once you determine which brand of tights suits you, you’ll have to figure out how to style them according to your body shape. For me, black tights pair well with above-the-knee woolen skirts and booties. I often wear these three items in black along with a top in a dissimilar color. I also like to wear black from head to toe with a skirt in a hue that stands out.

Works Sighted

J.Crew puff-sleeve top (old); Loft Outlet ponte skirt (old); A New Day 50 denier tights (black); J.Crew Factory suede booties (old)