Month: April 2021

Casual Dresses for Warm Weather

4 dresses: polo dress, shirtdress, tank dress, tee shirt dress.

Yesterday my travels took me to the center of PHL, also known as Spandexville. Many of the ladies who were out and about had used the warm weather as an excuse to show off their tight crop top and shorts sets. The college students were in their denim shorts and spaghetti strap tank tops. If I didn’t know the geography of Philadelphia, I would have thought there was a beach nearby. I took my habitual lap around J.Crew Liberty Place and spotted the new linen shirtdress I’d seen online. I thought to myself, There’s some people I’ve seen on the street who need this. This particular selection of dresses is intended to save you from pulling something unbecoming from your closet. (Although, I really hope that you don’t own a spandex shorts and crop top set.) Consider the polo dress, shirtdress, tank dress, and tee shirt dress for casual wear. Save the spandex for the gym. If your gym isn’t located inside of your house, remember that it’s not the beach.

Works Sighted

Lacoste polo dress // Superga 2750 Cotu classic (white/gold) // Kayu mini straw tote

J.Crew linen shirtdress // Sebago docksiders // Kayu sur straw tote // Made Solid belt

Amazon tank dress // Superga 2790 Acotw (navy) // St Tropez pom pom straw tote

J.Crew midi tee shirt dress // Superga 2750 (off-white) // Kayu mini St. Tropez pom pom tote

7 Reasons to Visit the Mall

Shopping in L.L.Bean store

My trip to King of Prussia this past Saturday was a success. I managed to get there alive on public transportation. (You have to leave early in the morning before the unsavory people wake up.) My fellow travelers were wearing real clothes, a little too casual, but real.

After exiting the bus, I spent a little time in the morning air reminiscing about when I used to make the excursion during my high school years. The younger me could often be found at J.Crew KOP on weekends. The mall has been upgraded a bit since then, and I wanted to see the improvements for myself.

At several points during my indoor stroll, I reflected on my other motives for visiting the mall. Even a shopping destination as massive as KOP can seem mundane after a few consecutive visits, but it’s a better destination than the sofa. Here are 7 reasons to visit the mall:

Exercise // You won’t be paying attention to your step counter because you’ll be too busy looking at the rows of storefronts . I walked over 8 miles/20,000 steps on Saturday without even realizing it.

Window Shopping // Surveying the offerings from various brands is the first step in developing your personal style. If I had to pick one noteworthy item that I saw on my voyage around KOP, it would be the L.L.Bean medium Boat and Tote with long handles (pictured). All of my Boat and Totes have short handles, but I think I might switch up the length on my next one.

Discoveries // You never know what new stores you’ll discover on your visit to the mall. On Saturday, I visited Aritzia in person for the first time.

Returns // Sometimes ordering is a necessary step in getting exactly what you want. Although I didn’t return anything this past Saturday, I might venture to the mall in the future for this purpose. Any excuse to leave the house is a good one!

Observations // Observing your fellow mall-goers may cause you to experience a range of emotions. A baby who was learning to walk brought a smile to my face. A young girl wearing a tight, spandex onesie with fluffy Ugg slippers did not.

Social Scene // You never know who else thought that going to the mall was better than sitting on the sofa. On Saturday, I ran into my manager from my very first job.

Lunch // You’ve put in all those steps, and you deserve lunch. On Saturday, I treated myself to Sweetgreen’s hot honey chicken plate, and I’m glad that I did.

Works Sighted

Loft button-up (old) // J.Crew Camille shrunken sweater-blazer // J.Crew Martie pant // Adidas Stan Smith sneakers // L.L.Bean medium Boat and Tote with long handles

Adidas Stan Smith Sneakers

White and navy Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

The first time I tried on a pair of Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, I was in Office on King’s Road. It was autumn 2018, and I was searching for comfortable footwear that would be suitable for running around London. The pair that the sales associate presented me with was white with green detailing. I wanted to like them, but the footbed, which appeared to be made of the same material as the outsole, was slippery when worn. Leather should really be reserved for non-athletic shoes. I passed on the pair from Office but ordered a similar style via Zappos two years later.

When they arrived this past November, I was pleased that the insole was primarily made of a material resembling textile (most likely polyester). I don’t know if it’s the time difference or the change in country that accounts for the different insoles. (If you’re privy to this information, please share with the class.) But, I’m glad that the style I ordered stateside met my expectations. After taking my new kicks for a brief walk down the hall, I officially admitted them to my closet.

Fast forward to last week when I took them for their first walk outside. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were. No break-in time required! Of course I’m partial to the version with navy detailing.

Do yourself a favor and try these sneakers on. They’ll tide you over until it’s warm enough for sandals. In recent news, Adidas revealed the Stan Smith Mylo, which is made of mushroom roots. The creme/cinnamon coloring is stunning, and I’m just biding my time until I can try them on.

Works Sighted

Adidas Stan Smith // J.Crew Martie Pant

My Daily Uniform

J.Crew striped shirt, sweater blazer, Martie pants, and Adidas Stan Smith.

I was rather proud of myself for getting dressed in under two minutes yesterday. I walked into my closet and emerged fully presentable in an instant. It was so magical that my husband paid me a compliment. Owning a classic wardrobe means that, in theory, I don’t spend too much time getting dressed in the morning. Although, if I’m being honest, sometimes I do spend more time than I’d like sliding hangers along the horizontal bar. But, this usually occurs when I opt for an outfit outside of my daily uniform.

As you can see from the uniform generator above, my uniform has several variants. Yesterday’s winning variant: navy/white striped tee, black J.Crew Martie pant, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, and a blazer. The navy and black bottoms are the generator’s most vital components because they anchor every look. Even if I deviated from the formula with my choice of top, perhaps opting for a red one instead, I’d probably wear it with a navy or black bottom. (For the record, I don’t actually own a red top. Red dress, yes. Red top, no.) I favor the J.Crew Martie pant, but any navy or black pant would work for your version of the uniform generator as long as it suits you. Give the generator a try, and don’t be shy about sharing your modifications and findings in the comment section.

Works Sighted

J.Crew striped boatneck tee shirt // J.Crew Camille shrunken sweater-blazer // J.Crew Martie pant // Adidas Stan Smith sneakers

Shopping at The Met

Merchandise from The Met Shop.

This past Tuesday, The Metropolitan Museum of Art celebrated its 151st anniversary. The occasion was made even more memorable by a Google doodle. I used to work in The Met Store during my sales associate days, and perusing the shop’s offerings online was quite the stroll down memory lane.

Works Sighted

pin set // mug // CD

bead drop earrings // mesh gold bracelet // ankh earrings

book (Jewish celebrations) // book (scarves) // book (memoir)

Sweatshirts for Spring Nights

A selection of sweatshirts from Aerie, Citizens of Humanity, Aritzia, J.Crew, Vince, and Helmut Lang.

This past weekend, I fired up the grill with two friends. Although the job fell primary on the most experienced griller, I wasn’t without my fair share of tasks. Aside from coming to the rescue when a small fire broke out on a piece of aluminum fold covered in olive oil, I was preoccupied with trying to keep myself warm. I borrowed my friend’s throw, which proved to be very effective. Although I was wearing a waxed jacket, I thought that a sweatshirt might be a warmer option for forthcoming nights around the grill. Thus, I’m in the market for a new sweatshirt. Judging by the selection I’ve pulled for your viewing, I’ll probably end up with a grey one.

Aerie polo sweatshirt // J.Crew crewneck pullover // Aritzia polo sweatshirt

Citizens of Humanity polo collar sweatshirt // Vince mélange sweatshirt // Helmut Lang cotton-fleece sweatshirt