Hello Reader,

Welcome to The Classic Editrix, a blog dedicated to classic, neutral style. I’m Megan, your editrix-in-chief. I started this website in 2020 as a community for timeless-wardrobe cultivators. I believe in the uniform, interchangeable pieces, and owning variants of classic items: linen white shirt, white shirt in Swiss Dot, white shirt in cotton poplin…you get the idea. I’ve even been known to buy multiples of the same exact item⁠. I’ve been told this is psychotic, but of course I disagree.

Classic pieces are versatile and make me look polished and put together with minimal effort. I shouldn’t have to spend an eternity selecting an outfit, and by sticking to the classics, I don’t. The time I save on getting dressed every day allows me to funnel extra time into other areas of my life—like living well, being creative, and traveling.

I don’t waste time overthinking the contents of my suitcase. I buy my clothes to last, not for a season, but for decades to come. Wherever life takes me, I know I will go in style. Although I currently reside in Philadelphia, London (where I lived during my graduate school years) and Paris are my two favorite cities. You’ll also find me in New York.

If you want to dress your best with minimal effort, this blog is for you. My goal is to create content that will inspire your signature version of effortless style. You’ll find a chronological list of posts in the archive. Shopping destinations, restaurants, hotels, and other sights are compiled in the city guides.

If you have a style-related question, you may submit it for a chance to have it answered in a post. I’m reachable at the following email address: megan@theclassiceditrix.com. Discovering new brands and reviewing quality products for my readers is part of my responsibilities as a blogger. If my classic style is in tune with your brand’s aesthetic, contact me at the aforementioned address for business inquiries.

Thanks for reading,

Megan Cuadrado, The Classic Editrix

J.Crew trench coat, Everlane tee shirt, and Warby Parker glasses.