Outfits inspired by Audrey Hepburn.

I just watched Audrey (2020) on Netflix. The documentary includes commentary from Audrey Hepburn’s family and former neighbors, people who knew her well. I found the reconstruction of her life story to be real and not in the least bit sensationalized.

Audrey embodied many admirable qualities besides her acting ability and elegant style on and off screen. She knew how to live well and did so until the very end of her life. The actress loved spending time on the peaceful grounds of her house in Switzerland. The quiet life suited her, and she was most content surrounded by her loved ones.

The resilient Audrey experienced her fair share of heartbreak. She survived starvation during WWII. At a young age, she had to cope with her father walking out on the family. Weathering two divorces didn’t stop her from finding love in her partner Robert Wolders.

Audrey’s life experiences made her more determined to show love and kindness to others. Through her role as a UNICEF ambassador, she persuaded many people around the world to aid children in need. Her spirit lives on in her films, philanthropic legacy, and the outfits she wears in photographs. What a life well lived!

Works Sighted

button-up // skirt // belt // sandals

Breton top // J.Crew Martie pants // ballet flats

sweater tank // gingham pants // ballet flats

polo // chinos // Superga sneakers

silk scarf

top // pants // socks // weejuns

dress // pumps

sunglasses // pearl studs

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