Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe

Skincare products from the brand Nuxe are manufactured in Fougères, France. I found this out from a police officer while walking on Rue du Rocher. I’d just crossed the bridge where the street meets Rue de Madrid when he leaned out of the police car window. “Sahn Jahme,” he exclaimed. I’d bought two shirts from Saint James, and the navy shopping bag caught his eye.

He asked me if I’d ever visited the commune in Normandie of the same name. I told him that I hadn’t. He proudly informed me that his hometown of Fougères in Bretagne was better in comparison. The manufacturing of iconic products from Nuxe was one of the reasons he gave to support his argument. He asked me if I knew of Nuxe. “Oui !” I exclaimed—our hour-long conversation took place in French; he didn’t speak English.

“Fougères !” he’d say periodically in a resolute tone. My point of reference to the brand Nuxe was the popular Huile Prodigieuse I’d recently purchased. If the officer’s description of Fougères was anything like the multipurpose oil bottled there, I concluded that it was worth seeing.

Huile Prodigieuse is a dry oil, which means that it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave behind an oily film. I’ve come to associate it with the act of beginning the day, specifically beginning the day in Paris. I’d pined over this product for at least a year before buying my first bottle from my pharmacy in the 17ème. Its scent is multidimensional; I’d describe it as a complex, subdued floral. The official description: orange blossom, magnolia, and vanilla.

This product has turned getting ready into a sensory ritual. I use Huile Prodigieuse daily but reach for the shimmering Huile Prodigieuse Or after a succession of cloudy days.

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Huile Prodigieuse; Huile Prodigieuse Or

Scent Split

Diptyque’s Eau Duelle was first featured on this blog on November 16, 2020 in a collage called Shopping in Paris. I believe in investments, but at 115 USD for a 50 ml bottle, I kept delaying my purchase …that is until now.

I recently came across Scent Split, a company that decants luxury scents into 1, 2, 5, and 9 ml bottles. Unfamiliar with the name, I scoured the internet for proof of the company’s legitimacy. The logo, white, cursive text against a black background, was reminiscent of the one Tom Carnese created in 1973 for Saks Fifth Avenue. A semi-annoying pop-up in the lower left corner announced recent sales.

After watching a few vlogger reviews (all positive) on YouTube, I felt comfortable placing my first order. The checkout interface was so user-friendly that I gladly paid an extra 98 cents for shipping protection. The 9 ml bottle of Eau Duelle arrived encased generously in bubble wrap in a small padded mailer.

The glass bottle itself lends itself to travel and looks elegant when displayed on a tray.

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Eau Duelle by Diptyque (decanted by Scent Split)

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish

nail polish

I acquired my first bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish (slick slate) a few years ago. I went to the salon on my lunch break and didn’t have time to sit under the dryer for an extended period of time. The polish I’d bought for the occasion dried quickly, and I returned to work with shiny typing nails. Since then, I’ve purchased one more bottle from this line (buff and tumble), but now I’m considering additional shades. I realize the ingredients list is a mile long and that other less toxic/non-toxic alternatives exist. (Other nail polish brands that appear in my collection include Essie, Butter London, and Acquarella (which I still have yet to try)). But right now, I’m going to let the quick-drying Ms. Hansen enjoy her moment in the sun.

I’ve been doing my own nails, and the quicker the polish dries, the less likely it is that I’m gong to mess them up. Orly nail defense strengthener is my go-to top coat, but there’s one by Sally Hansen that has recently come to my attention. So has this nail polish organizer and dryer. Anything that makes my at-home nail routine easier is worthy of my attention. If you have any tips/tricks, please share your comments with the class. Likewise, if you’d like to shout out your favorite nail polish brands.

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Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish

Orly nail defense strengthener

Signature Scent

Miss Dior eau de toilette

Scent isn’t just for what we might refer to as special occasions. After all, isn’t every day we’re alive a special occasion? If I had to guess which outfit component was most often forgotten, it would be that dab of something special at the start of the day. At a time when many of us are less mobile, a daily, mood-boosting spritz is as indispensable as vitamin D. A signature scent is a fragrance that serves as a constant in one’s life. It is present through the lighthearted moments and through the ones that test us.

If you haven’t yet found your signature scent, it’s never too late. Your path to discovering one that suits you begins with your nose. Go into shops that sell perfume and survey your options. There are testing strips for this purpose. Oftentimes there’s also a container filled with coffee beans for guests to sniff in between products as an olfactory palette cleanser. However, it may not be a bad idea to bring your own tin of beans. Department or beauty stores are sound places to start.

I’ve been wearing Miss Dior for seven years. I purchased my first bottle at either John Lewis or Liberty. (Memory fails me.) The road to our union was rather lengthy due to the pitstops I made along the way at other brands: Diptyque, Jo Malone, and Chanel to be exact. The thought of buying a second scent crossed my mind, but it never came to fruition. I also adore Diptyque’s Eau Duelle and never pass up an opportunity to apply a bit to my wrists from the tester bottle whenever I’m visiting Bluemercury.

How many signature scents should one have? I’m glad you asked. I’d say, ideally no more than two; absolutely no more than three. As I write this, I’m evaluating my fragrance supply. It appears that I may be in the market for a new bottle sooner than I’d thought. I came across an article on The Good Trade about eco-friendly perfumes. Four companies piqued my curiosity: Maison Louis Marie, PHLUR, Lavanila, and Providence Perfume Co. Christian, is it time for us to part ways?

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Miss Dior eau de toilette