The Leatherology Edit

Leather keychain

My urgent need for a new keychain led me to Leatherology. I’d included some of the company’s products in past collages on the blog but only recently made my first purchase—the circle keychain. I decided to order it in electric blue with light gold hardware and a gold monogram. When it comes to style, no detail is too small to overlook.

As I perused other products on the site, it became clear that Leatherology’s design team prioritizes functionality. Founders Rae and David Liu “draw inspiration from [their] daily routines to design fresh and familiar pieces to enhance [the] everyday.” I can’t think of anywhere else to buy a sophisticated, travel-sized tissue holder. The website is incredibly user-friendly and allows customers to preview their monogram on item(s) of their choice prior to purchasing. Personalized purchases aren’t returnable, but the preview feature will allow you to add your initials to any product with confidence.

Works Sighted

cirlce keychain // lipstick case // small tech bag

small accessories pouch // passport holder // small crossbody

tissue holder // belt bag // cord wrap set

The Neely & Chloe Edit

Leather goods by Neely and Chloe Burch

Although I can’t recall when I first became acquainted with Neely & Chloe, I remember that it was the mini lady bag that sold me. It reminded me of the Mark Cross overnight case that Lisa Carol Fremont (played by Grace Kelly) carries in Rear Window (1954). The lady bag and the overnight case differ in size and price, but they both embody the same classic spirit.

Sisters Neely and Chloe Burch established their brand in 2015. One of the founders stated the following in a behind-the-scenes video: “The product should be more about you than it is about us. That’s why the logos are all on the inside of the bag.” In a society ruled by consumerism and fast fashion, it takes some effort on the part of the consumer to seek out designers with this mindset. The products in this edit speak for themselves:

mini lady bag // Out to lunch at La Grande Boucherie.

laptop sleeve // Working remotely from Ralph’s.

billfold // Picking up a book at Albertine.

small vanity case // Montauk for the weekend.

ring tab // Home sweet home.

large vanity case // Disconnecting in Tahiti.

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Cases for Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods Cases

AirPods have been making my life easier since November 2020. They’re useful for listening to audiobooks/music and for taking calls when my hands aren’t free. They make mundane chores, like tidying up, washing dishes, and folding laundry, bearable. My workouts are more enjoyable too. No more wires! I didn’t invest much time looking for a case when I first acquired them, but now that everyone’s talking about going back to society full time, protecting them would be a prudent move.

Works Sighted

leather case (brown) // silicone-coated hardshell case (matte grey) // hardshell case (tortoise)

silicone case (stone white) // TPU case (marble) // vegan leather case (brown)

Cotton Masks from J.Crew

Masks from J.Crew

I recently bought a pack of three masks from J.Crew and liked them so much that I ordered two more packs. They are rather pleasant to wear (as long as it’s not 90°), and they smell wonderful when washed with Tide. I might be returning to the office in the near future. Thus, figuring out my face covering situation was of the utmost importance. Will you be returning to in-person work?

Works Sighted

J.Crew tie-back masks (quartz ivory kiwi)

J.Crew masks (banker blue hydrangea) // J.Crew masks (black khaki navy) // J.Crew masks (blue navy)

J.Crew tie-back masks (orchid ashen quartz)

The Pashmina

Eldon Cashmere pashmina, J.Crew 2011 icon trench, and Warby Parker glasses.

The Dictionary of Fashion History (2010) defines the term pashmina as a lightweight cashmere scarf. While the Persian word pashm refers to wool in a broader sense, in the region of Kashmir, the fibre comes specifically from the underbelly of the Changthangi goat. In the UK, the woven fabric as well as shawls made from it were called pashmina in the mid-19th century. The modern pashmina may be sourced from other breeds of cashmere goats outside of the Himalayas. A cashmere/silk blend is permissible, but I wouldn’t included cotton and viscose products under this definition.

I purchased my grey pashmina from The Portobello Road Cashmere Shop in 2013. I’d set out for Portobello Road that autumn day with the intention to window shop at the market, but the cashmere scarves on display at the shop’s outdoor stall caught my attention. After surveying the selection, I still hadn’t found the one. But then, I was directed inside the brick and mortar location at number 166, and I found the pashmina that was meant for me there.

The light grey style bears the tag of the shop’s private label Eldon Cashmere, which, along with the shop itself, was established in 1997. Although the brand specializes in Scottish cashmere, my pashmina was hand made in Nepal. It’s 70% cashmere / 30% silk, lightweight, voluminous, and warm. I wore it almost every day when I lived in London. Now that I’m based stateside now, I don’t fly without it. When it comes to the cost per wear formula, I am undoubtedly the victor, especially since I wash it in a bucket of cold water and Woolite instead of paying for dry cleaning.

Works Sighted

Eldon Cashmere pashmina; J.Crew 2011 icon trench