City Guides

Every shop, restaurant, and hotel is an experience. In these guides, you’ll find small businesses, large establishments, and non-profit organizations. My selection includes places I’ve visited and ones I have yet to grace with my presence. Click on the city’s name for its corresponding Google Map.

Paris // A complicated, soul-sustaining petite ville that nourishes its residents and visitors with bread, cheese, wine, and other simplicities essential to a good time.

London // The center of a small island where people speak in hushed tones and everything is refined compared to American standards. National snack: tea and biscuits.

New York // A bustling city, home to startups and mega brands alike; restaurants for every palate.

Philadelphia // A small, historic town of artsy people, museums, and vibrant French restaurants.

The Main Line // A suburb of Philadelphia where there are two luxury car dealerships per square mile. Italian BYOBs and clothing boutiques dot the landscape from Ardmore to Wayne.

Lisbon // An artsy city of many hills that embodies the spirit of rebuilding; home to fado and pastel de nata.

Madrid // Map Building

Barcelona // Map Building