Caffè Lattes at Home

My friend treated me to a decaf iced latte with almond milk on an impromptu visit to Paris Baguette. Minimal caffeine and zero sweetener for me. As I admired the marbly collision of liquids through the clear cup, I wished that the drink would stay full. A never-ending cup of coffee—more Alice in Wonderland than real life. After I finished my iced latte, it stayed on my mind for days after. I bought another latte four days later, this time from Bluestone Lane, non-iced, decaf because I don’t tolerate caffeine, still no sweetener (not needed in my opinion). When the cup became empty, I began to look forward to my next one. I interpreted this as a sign that I should learn to make lattes at home. My new supplies should arrive any day now.

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Further Reading

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