Hello Reader,

I’m a content creator born and bred on the East Coast. I went to graduate school in London, where I studied British history. Although I currently reside in Philadelphia, London and Paris are my two favorite cities; I also like New York. I began this style and lifestyle blog as a community for lovers of classic style. I believe in the uniform, the color navy, and in buying variants of the same classic pieces: linen white shirt, white shirt in Swiss Dot, white shirt in cotton poplin…you get the idea. I’ve even been known to buy multiples of the same exact item⁠. I usually buy white shirts in multiples of five (one for every day of the work week)⁠. I’ve been told that this is psychotic, but of course I disagree.

Classic pieces are versatile, interchangeable, and make me look polished and put together even when I don’t have everything figured out. I shouldn’t have to spend an eternity selecting an outfit, and by sticking to the classics, I don’t have to. The time I save on getting dressed every day allows me to funnel extra time into other areas of my life—like living well. When it comes time to travel, I don’t waste time overthinking my packing list. Wherever life takes me, I know I will go in style. I buy my clothes to last, not for the season, but for decades to come. Every item in my closet is timeless and loved.

If you believe in dressing for all of the experiences and opportunities that life has to offer with minimal effort, this blog is for you. I hope that you seek knowledge in places near and far. May you dress well while writing your own story.

Let’s begin,

Megan, The Classic Editrix