LU Petit Écolier and MyPanier

I succeeded in returning to the U.S. with as many boxes of LU Petit Écolier, chocolate au lait as possible. I gave some to my friends and colleagues and, of course, ate plenty of them myself. Eventually, the supply I’d stacked on the dining room table disappeared. My hopefulness got the best of me, and I purchased a box from an American grocery store. It was black with a red stripe and had English text. The boxes I’d purchased in France were light blue and white with a splash of red and had French text. I was hopeful that the product intended for the American market would be the same as the one sold on the French one, but alas, it was not.

The biscuits I purchased at Monoprix were buttery, but not overly so, mildly sweet, and melted in my mouth. The chocolate melded seamlessly with the flour. The cookies from Heirloom Market were tougher, far from buttery smooth. The chocolate and flour didn’t meld.

I ran my findings by a friend with ties to France. “No; they’re not the same, but they’re still good,” he said. I disagreed with the second half of his response. The remainder of the cookies that were bought from Heirloom Market were donated to the communal office kitchen.

In my search for the superior Petit Écolier, I came across myPanier, curator of international foods. The company stocks and ships products from France, Italy, and other parts of Europe and the world across the U.S. I added my favorite biscuits, along with other French products that are difficult to acquire stateside, to my wishlist.

Works Sighted

LU Petit Écolier // LU Petit Beurre // buckwheat flour // unsalted butter

stain remover stick // maple soap holder // aluminum soap box // kitchen soap // kitchen knives // preserving jar // honey mustard

olive oil // jam // milk jam // butter rolls // melatonin spray // Marseille soap

honey // hollandaise sauce // blue cheese // asparagus tips

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