Ohlala Crêpes in Paris!: An Airbnb Experience

In 2020, I made my first chouquettes in an Airbnb Online Experience called “Bake French Pastries in Paris.” The class was hosted by Carlos Molina Borregales, cofounder of the cooking school Aten-Te Aute. I’d planned to attend an in-person class at Aten-Te Aute on my next visit to Paris. Seizing my opportunity, I recently signed up for “Ohlala Crêpes in Paris!” which was held in an artistically-decorated cooking studio in the 12th arrondissement.

Laura, our host, was patient and encouraging. This wasn’t my first time making crêpes, but it was my first attempt at galettes, which are a bit more complicated. Laura reminded the group that having fun was the primary goal of the activity. Some of us, myself not excluded, wanted our creations to come out looking photogenic. In the end, all participants enjoyed a crêpe and galette of their own making accompanied by the most delicious cider. No one went without food or photographs.

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