Quitting the City

They say that visualizing your goals will help you to reach them. Well, right now I’m visualizing myself in the country full-time. Do you see yourself in the city, the country, or both?

Works Sighted

platter // skewers // plate // cocktail napkins // cup (dusty blue) // cup (soft blue) // picnic basket

croquet set // magazine // pitcher // towel

portable grill // chair // tongs // Yeti cooler // Scrabble/Monopoly

The Sleepwear Category

If you’ve ever debated whether or not you should spend money on sleepwear, I have your answer. Bumming around in an old tee shirt with holes is not acceptable. Why should you look presentable when getting into bed? Reason #1: you may have to evacuate the premises if the fire alarm or carbon monoxide detector goes off. I find that dressing nicely makes trying situations bearable.

Looking my best during the nighttime hours also encourages me to turn the page on the day in preparation for the next. The day hasn’t officially ended until I’ve changed into sleepwear. (Likewise, it is impossible to seize the day when you look like you haven’t gotten out of bed.) Proper nightclothes encourages me to keep up with my evening beauty routine, light a scented candle in the bathroom before showering, and count my blessings before bed. Well worth the money, I’d say. If you do light a candle, beeswax or soy base is best. Paraffin wax has no place in the zen zone.

Works Sighted

J.Crew short sleeve set (navy) // The White Company nightgown // The White Company nightdress // Haven Well Within sleep dress

J.Crew nightshirt // Victoria’s Secret cotton slip // Victoria’s Secret modal slip

J.Crew short sleeve set (hydrangea) // Eberjey ruffle set // Eberjey chemise

Everyday Stud Earrings

I had my ears pierced about a year and a half ago (thanks Infinite), which means that if I don’t keep my earrings in, the holes may close up. Up until recently, I’ve been wearing my starter earrings, the ones I bought from the piercing shop. But lately, I’ve been searching for other studs that would be appropriate for everyday wear. (As I write this, I’m wearing my J.Crew pearl studs.) Here’s what I’ve found thus far.

Works Sighted

ILA princess studs // Catbird diamond studs

Adina Reyter single stack baguette posts // Catbird x The Met bow studs

Jennie Kwon mini baguette studs // GLDN staple studs // Jennie Kwon baguette studs

Catbird petite diamond studs // Crislu cubic zirconia studs, 4mm

Lightbox 1/2 carat diamond stud // ILA baguette studs

Layering with a Linen Shirt

The temperature in PHL reached 63°F this past Tuesday, which presented the perfect opportunity to dine outdoors. I wore my navy, one-shoulder dress (pictured here) for the occasion. Adding a layer over a long dress can be tricky. But, since the season hasn’t yet progressed to shoulder-bearing weather, going outside without an extra layer of some sort was out of the question. A jacket wouldn’t have sufficed, but a white linen shirt, tied at the waist, worked wonders. I often wear linen shirts over my tank dresses but not so often over dresses with a bit more character. The temperature dropped to 59°F by the time our pizza arrived. I should have also brought my pashmina or a throw, but I won’t forget one the next time.

Works Sighted

J.Crew slim perfect shirt in Baird McNutt Irish linen (previous season) // J.Crew dress (old)

Travel Essentials

Ah, the joys of trip preparation. Buying miniature tubes of toothpaste at the pharmacy. Affixing my luggage tag to the handle of my suitcase. Deciding which vitamins to pack. Curating a week’s worth of outfits. Designing my own survival kit. Setting an itinerary. I’m not going any farther than my city’s art museum for the time being, but traveling, my favorite pastime, is always on my mind.

Works Sighted

Baggu bag // S’well bottle // Cetaphil cleanser // Cetaphil lotion // Stoney Clover Lane travel pouch // doTERRA peppermint oil // Cadence capsules // J.Crew scarf

Designworks Ink notebook // Stoney Clover Ln luggage tag // Stoney Clover Ln passport cover // Colgate toothpaste // Burt’s Bees lip balm // tissues // toothbrush // J.Crew socks // Trtl travel pillow

Away carry-on // Uni-Ball pen // portable charger // Madewell pouch // RFID blocking card // Babyganics sanitizing wipes // toothbrush case // L.L.Bean Boat and Tote // London Undercover umbrella // book // Apple EarPods // universal travel adapter // phone

Signature Scent

Scent isn’t just for what we might refer to as special occasions. After all, isn’t every day we’re alive a special occasion? If I had to guess which outfit component was most often forgotten, it would be that dab of something special at the start of the day. At a time when many of us are less mobile, a daily, mood-boosting spritz is as indispensable as vitamin D. A signature scent is a fragrance that serves as a constant in one’s life. It is present through the lighthearted moments and through the ones that test us.

If you haven’t yet found your signature scent, it’s never too late. Your path to discovering one that suits you begins with your nose. Go into shops that sell perfume and survey your options. There are testing strips for this purpose. Oftentimes there’s also a container filled with coffee beans for guests to sniff in between products as an olfactory palette cleanser. However, it may not be a bad idea to bring your own tin of beans. Department or beauty stores are sound places to start.

I’ve been wearing Miss Dior for seven years. I purchased my first bottle at either John Lewis or Liberty. (Memory fails me.) The road to our union was rather lengthy due to the pitstops I made along the way at other brands: Diptyque, Jo Malone, and Chanel to be exact. The thought of buying a second scent crossed my mind, but it never came to fruition. I also adore Diptyque’s Eau Duelle and never pass up an opportunity to apply a bit to my wrists from the tester bottle whenever I’m visiting Bluemercury.

How many signature scents should one have? I’m glad you asked. I’d say, ideally no more than two; absolutely no more than three. As I write this, I’m evaluating my fragrance supply. It appears that I may be in the market for a new bottle sooner than I’d thought. I came across an article on The Good Trade about eco-friendly perfumes. Four companies piqued my curiosity: Maison Louis Marie, PHLUR, Lavanila, and Providence Perfume Co. Christian, is it time for us to part ways?

Works Sighted

Miss Dior