Skirts Over Dresses

A Hobbs skirt over a Nautica polo dress. Margaux ballet flats. Warby Parker glasses.

I wore a creme-colored skirt over a navy dress one day last week. I’ve worn dresses over skirts in the past for the sake of creating new outfits, but my move last week was motivated by one factor: the weather. Spring is one of my favorite seasons even though the gradual increase in temperature throughout the day presents an outfit challenge in the morning. How does one simultaneously dress for the cool temperature that starts the day and the warmth of the afternoon? A below-the-knee skirt over a dress will solve the problem. When I left the house in the pictured outfit, I also wore a striped fisherman sweater, which provided additional warmth. The layers started to come off by midday, and I came close to removing the skirt several times. Ultimately, it proved to be too much work, so I kept in on. When summer arrives, I’ll definitely be wearing the polo dress sans skirt and probably with Supergas. Think country club.

Work Sighted

Nautica polo dress // Hobbs skirt (old) // Margaux Demi flats

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