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Sleepwear: pajama set, slip, chemise, nightgown, night dress, and sleep dress.

If you’ve ever debated whether or not you should spend money on sleepwear, I have your answer. Bumming around in an old tee shirt with holes is not acceptable. Why should you look presentable when getting into bed? Reason #1: you may have to evacuate the premises if the fire alarm or carbon monoxide detector goes off. I find that dressing nicely makes trying situations bearable.

Looking my best during the nighttime hours also encourages me to turn the page on the day in preparation for the next. The day hasn’t officially ended until I’ve changed into sleepwear. (Likewise, it is impossible to seize the day when you look like you haven’t gotten out of bed.) Proper nightclothes encourages me to keep up with my evening beauty routine, light a scented candle in the bathroom before showering, and count my blessings before bed. Well worth the money, I’d say. If you do light a candle, beeswax or soy base is best. Paraffin wax has no place in the zen zone.

Works Sighted

J.Crew short sleeve set (navy) // The White Company nightgown // The White Company nightdress // Haven Well Within sleep dress

J.Crew nightshirt // Victoria’s Secret cotton slip // Victoria’s Secret modal slip

J.Crew short sleeve set (hydrangea) // Eberjey ruffle set // Eberjey chemise

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