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Navy Summersalt sidestroke

My extensive search for a one-piece swimsuit came to an end this summer. I’d discovered the brand Summersalt online, but the constant flood of promotional mailings ultimately convinced me to place my first order. The women-owned business celebrates the variety of the female form by diversifying the personalities in its campaign. I recognized the faces of some of their ambassadors including Jessica Nabongo, Chelsea Werner, and Carly Cushnie. I decided to put the company’s motto, Every body is a Summersalt body, to the test.

I ended up returning my first order, which included the tie belted cove and the ruffle backflip. The tie belted cove didn’t suit me, but I ordered the ruffle backflip in sea urchin again, this time in the perfect size. A week or two later, I rounded out my collection with the sidestroke in deep sea.

In the past, I’d wasted time trying on one-pieces that didn’t offer any support. In contrast, when I wear my Summersalt suits, it feels like I’m being gently hugged. Everything stays in place, and readjusting my suit is a thing of the past. When I return to the city, the sidestroke will surely be accompanying me to the indoor pool. The ruffle backflip is a little too low-cut for laps but stunning nonetheless. If you’re in need of a confidence-boosting one-piece, I highly recommend you begin your search with Summersalt.

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Summersalt sidestroke

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    1. Hi Casey,

      Thank you! This is my second summer with the navy sidestroke. Of course it’s great for year-round swimming too. I like it better than the ruffle backflip. I hope you enjoy your new suit when it arrives.

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