Rent the Runway

Dresses from Rent the Runway

In my former social life, I used to consult Rent the Runway’s website in preparation for parties that warranted the purchase of a new dress. Founded in 2009, the company is in the business of renting out designer clothes (primarily dresses). RTR’s most admirable quality: a wide selection of dresses in a generous range of sizes. I’ve come close to placing an order plenty of times but still have yet to experience the service first-hand. I use the site primarily as a source of inspiration when it comes to social wear.

I can’t say that I have plans to become more social in the in-person sense of the word, but my return to the office may be more imminent than I’d previously thought. While commuting to work isn’t exactly a celebration, getting dressed in an outfit that brings me joy every day certainly is. I’m currently conducting an inventory of my closet. My goal is to determine which pieces to retire, what attire to buy, and which dresses, if any, I should rent. I see the joy putting on a designer dress could potentially bring me. If I’m going to take public transportation, I could at least do it in Armani—even if it’s only for a week.

Works Sighed

Derek Lam Collective // Slate & Willow (RTR private label) // Donna Morgan // Derek Lam Collective

Dress the Population // Emporio Armani // JS Collection // Milly