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I acquired my first bottle of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri nail polish (slick slate) a few years ago. I went to the salon on my lunch break and didn’t have time to sit under the dryer for an extended period of time. The polish I’d bought for the occasion dried quickly, and I returned to work with shiny typing nails. Since then, I’ve purchased one more bottle from this line (buff and tumble), but now I’m considering additional shades. I realize the ingredients list is a mile long and that other less toxic/non-toxic alternatives exist. (Other nail polish brands that appear in my collection include Essie, Butter London, and Acquarella (which I still have yet to try)). But right now, I’m going to let the quick-drying Ms. Hansen enjoy her moment in the sun.

I’ve been doing my own nails, and the quicker the polish dries, the less likely it is that I’m gong to mess them up. Orly nail defense strengthener is my go-to top coat, but there’s one by Sally Hansen that has recently come to my attention. So has this nail polish organizer and dryer. Anything that makes my at-home nail routine easier is worthy of my attention. If you have any tips/tricks, please share your comments with the class. Likewise, if you’d like to shout out your favorite nail polish brands.

Works Sighted

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish

Orly nail defense strengthener

A Day at Home Spa

Home Spa Day Essentials

This past Saturday, I decided to indulge in a spa experience at home. I cleared my morning schedule to focus on my hair and nails, and by the time we left for dinner at 4:30 PM, I felt renewed. I would have gone to Canyon Ranch if that had been an option, but I found the resort’s website inspirational nonetheless.

Everyone has the right to rest and recharge their minds and bodies at least once a week. I hope this selection of products inspires you to dress in something comfortable, put on soothing music, and tend to your own wellbeing like I know you are fully capable of doing.

Works Sighted

bottle // audiobook // candle // pajama T-shirt set // blowdryer // file // album // shampoo // razor // robe

5mm yoga mat // manicurist’s storage case // soap // file // clippers // Orly nail defense // Sally Hansen buff and tumble // nail art brush // cuticle pusher and cuticle remover set // towels

cotton rounds// nail polish remover // lotion // vinegar // basin

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