Paperless Post

A collage of digital thank-you cards

I caught up on my thank-you notes last night, and I used Paperless Post for six of them. I’d spent some time searching for attractive paper cards without any luck and strongly preferred to send out my correspondences before the beginning of the new school year. Once we’re in la rentrée, I’ll have more people to thank. Cards from Paperless Post are paid for with credits called coins. Ten coins magically appeared in my bank after I created an account, but I purchased 100 more for $20 once they ran out. Having thank-you cards on hand has taken on new meaning. I still believe in paper, but going paperless makes sense when you aren’t sure if the recipient is working from their office address, don’t have their mailing address, or are hesitant to entrust your words of thanks to the mail service.

Works Sighted

Dahlias Horizontal // London Skyline View // Spring Shade (Felix Doolittle)

Eureka Bower (Felix Doolittle) // Ellis Hall I (Kate Spade) // Paris Skyline View