Bath Robes and Short-Sleeve Pajama Sets

Sleepwear for warm weather

We’ve already established that sleepwear is a legitimate category of clothing. We first touched upon the topic this past March, and if memory serves me correctly, the heat was still on in our apartment. The indoor temperature was pleasantly regulated, and I was still able to wear my go-to cold-weather pajamas—the J.Crew vintage short-sleeve set—every night. (I own this style in both navy and hydrangea…several of each of course.)

Since we’ve long passed that unspecified point on the calendar after which it’s not acceptable to have the heat on, the inside temperature simulates the conditions outside. It won’t be regulated again until the air conditioner comes on for the summer. At the moment, the temperature inside our apartment is equally as unpredictable as the spring weather. This means that dressing for bed isn’t as straightforward. One minute there’s a cold snap, and the next minute we’re experiencing a heat wave. Sometimes it’s too hot for my standard cold-weather pajamas, and other times they do just fine. My solution to all of this: a bathrobe and pajamas consisting of a short-sleeve/tank top and shorts. Here are some options I’m considering.

Works Sighted

J.Crew robe (navy) // J.Crew short-sleeve pajama short set (white) // Parachute linen robe // Parachute linen tank // Parachute linen shorts

Eberjey stripe woven short PJ set // J.Crew short-sleeve pajama short set (navy) // J.Crew robe (striped)