Tory Burch

The Main Line

A collage of essentials for summer in the country

Hello from the Main Line, where women begin their mornings with an outdoor run or exercise class, go to lunch midday, and entertain at home in the evenings. I’ve become fond of Soul Cycle lately, which I usually follow up with a salad from Sweetgreen. Whenever I visit my sommelier, V., at Di Bruno Bros., I go to The Silverspoon for lunch. So far, we’ve successfully hosted one guest for dinner. (Family members don’t count as guests.) I wouldn’t say we’re ready for a dinner party just yet, but a little more practice may be enough to change the tide.

I spend more time at home now than I did when we lived in Philadelphia. I enjoy swimming in the recently-renovated outdoor pool, barbecuing burgers and Hebrew National hot dogs on the charcoal grill, and drinking canned wine on the balcony at night. But one can only swim so much, grill so much, and drink so much wine.

Due to distance, it’s no longer convenient to take advantage of the social events (Artsi), art (the PMA), and vibrant restaurants (Parc and Zahav) Philadelphia has to offer. However, not having to constantly look over my shoulder and worry about excessive crime frees up my time for other things. A few more suburban pastimes: stocking up on Hippeas chickpea puffs and Hu chocolate from Whole Foods, seeing a film at the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, eating a black bean burger and side salad at Mom’s Organic Market, and date night with my husband at Otto by Polpo.

Although I go into the city often, it is not likely that I will ever live in Philadelphia again. I’m convinced that I’ve seen everything the Main Line has to offer, but perhaps time will tell if this statement is true.

Works Sighted

swimsuit // acrylic stemless wine glass // melamine accent plates // seersucker napkins //  tunic // canned sparkling rosé // movie poster

lounge chair // pool ring // wicker clutch // visor // tank

wine tote // paleo chocolate bar // vegan chickpea puffs // book // tennis set // 21 oz Hydro Flask // align 25” // cycling shoes

Athleisure Dresses

Tennis dresses, golf dresses, polo dresses.

Over the past year, the clothing industry has been offering us more casual options—at least in the U.S. I visited J.Crew about a month ago and observed that loungewear accounted for 100% of the new merchandise. I don’t lounge that much, I thought. The hours between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM aren’t for sweatpants.

I prefer to save athletic wear for workouts and loungewear for evenings at home on the sofa. Most of the pieces in my closet are structured—pleated skirts, button-ups, and sheath dresses. I generally favor clothing that retains its shape on the hanger, but my work-from-home routine warrants clothes that are a bit more casual. I acquired a few pairs of shorts last summer, but I’m starting to consider my warm-weather, work-from-home options early this year.

What’s comfortable, cool, polished, suitable for answering the door, going for a walk, and jumping on a Zoom call? The athletic dress seems to fit the bill. I don’t mind looking like I’m going to the country club. Instead of court or golf shoes, I’ll be wearing my Superga sneakers.

Works Sighted

Sandro dress // Tory Burch golf dress // Greg Norman dress // Daily Sports dress

Savalino dress // Tory Burch polo dress // Polo Ralph Lauren dress // Tory Burch tennis dress